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Each item individually assessed

Selling your jewellery

We are always on the lookout for quality pieces to buy but also make offers on less fashionable or broken items. You probably clear out your wardrobe from time to time so why not take a look into your jewellery box as well. Have you thought about the pieces you donít wear anymore? The ones that you have been left and have no special meaning to you, perhaps an odd earring, even a gold watch which is now beyond repair, or just a worn and broken bracelet.

So do bring in to us what you have and we will help you sort them out. You would have to leave them with us for a few days whilst our goldsmith checks each item, but they donít leave the premises and you will be given a receipt. If it is appropriate we will then make you an offer and if you accept you could even put this towards something new that catches your eye.

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