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Twice a year we at AA Thornton hold a series of special wedding ring evenings to enable future brides and grooms to admire our full range of ring at their leisure. If you would like an invite to such an evening please do contact us.

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Many wedding rings are crafted especially to order and if desired they can be designed to be worn with an existing engagement ring. Please do enquire about or design services.

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Traditional wedding rings or wedding Bands as they are often called are plain rings in precious metal. These are ever popular so we keep a wide range of styles in 9ct or 18ct yellow and white gold and Platinum.

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During the Elizabethan era it became fashionable that the wedding ring be worn on the thumb although the practise was comparatively short lived.

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The practise of wearing the wedding symbol on the fourth finger of the left hand is based upon a Grecian fable that the artery from that finger flows directly to the heart. Modern science discredits this theory but the practise remains.

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Diamond set wedding rings are now much more popular. Some are quite adventurous in their design whilst others are very similar in design to eternity rings.

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During the later part of the last century wedding ring design has become far more adventurous. Jewellers are now using different metals and contrasting colours are used to create stunning effects.

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