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9ct rose gold amethyst pendant with diamond stirrup 330

February brings a glimmer a colour, with purple crocuses scattered across the lawn and the tiny violets hidden amongst the moss. So I am going to start this year by looking at the kaleidoscope of colours available to jewellers and with that said what better way to celebrate this month by looking at the glorious rich hues associated with the shades of purple stones found in jewellery?

Reference: CITM1182
9ct white gold tanzanite & diamond cluster pendant with chain 495 earrings 870

We often associate February and Valentines with red roses although violets are the birth flower for this month. So I thought I should include the beautiful tanzanite gemstone which captures flashes of violets and blues.

Reference: CITM1183
9ct yellow gold amethyst & diamond cluster ring 245 earrings 195

Amethyst, the birthstone for the month of February, is perhaps the most well known gemstone which has these purple and lavender hues. Its deep violet colours is often remarked to best suit those with a darker complexion whereas the pastel shades perhaps better suited to a paler skin or red hair.

Reference: CITM1184
9ct yellow gold amethyst and diamond cluster ring 490

9ct yellow gold amethyst and diamond cluster ring 490

Reference: CITM1185
Lavender quartz silver drop earrings 79 pendant 110

When I saw some most unusual soft polished lavender quartz pendant and earrings they would be perfect for this purple kaleidoscope. They cleverly imitate the look of lavender jade which is quite rare and also very expensive.

Reference: CITM1186
Silver amethyst & marcasite large ring 67

Silver amethyst & marcasite large ring

Reference: CITM1187
Silver amethyst & marcasite pendant 149 & ring 139

Contemporary designs using silver with amethyst and tiny marcasite stones are a match made in heaven! We have a collection of designs incorporating this rich coloured gemstone.

Reference: CITM1188
Silver blossom amethyst pendant 55, bangle 75 & earrings 35

Introduced as a new design for this spring is a blossom inspired theme. Silver jewellery set with amethyst stones, perfect for those who like delicate designs tipped with colour.

Reference: CITM1189
Silver enamel & amethyst stud earrings 95

Silver enamel & amethyst stud earrings

Reference: CITM1190
Silver lavender swarovski crystal earrings 79 & pendant on chain 72

9. Adding a bit of opalescence and a shimmer of lavender, we include these swarovski crystal long drop earrings and pendant set.

Reference: CITM1191
Trollbeads from 25

If you love colour and glass Troll beads always inspire! These handmade glass beads create your own colour palette with a variety of shades of purple and lavender hues. The beads shown here are Amethyst, Nature Freindship, Purple flower mosaic and Aurota Flower.

Reference: CITM1192
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