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Celtic inspired brooch design option with final choice

We were asked by a customer to design and make a unique Celtic inspired brooch. These are the ideas we came up with and the customer chose the one on the right.

Reference: CITM1202
Opal ring sketch designs and finished ring

The brief from our customer was to show the full beauty of this freeform opal so we came up with this uncomplicated rub over setting which we feel shows off this unique gemstone.

Reference: CITM1207
Hand painted design sketch from our archives

The hand drawn designs and CAD work of today cannot compete with some vintage hand painted cards of years gone by. We have kept in our archves design drawings that go back many decades which I am sure you will agree are miniature works of art in their own right.

Reference: CITM1208
CAD designs for vintage inspire ring

We were asked to make a vintage inspired engagement ring as the customer could not find something to their taste. These are the CAD drawings showing the detial to ensure the customer was happy with the design.

Reference: CITM1204
Vintage inspired ring

And this was the finished ring.

Reference: CITM1203
Peridot and diamond ring Sketches and wax carvings

We had intock a beautful loose peridot stone which we had planned to incorporate into our own design. Before we even had the chance to start on this the stone was purchased by one of our customers who wanted us to then design and make a ring to set the stone into. The brief was to highlight the beauty of the green stone with diamond accents and hear are the sketches and waxes we came.

Reference: CITM1205
Finished peridot and diamond ring

After the design work was finished this is the end resultů.A stuning ring .

Reference: CITM1206
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