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You donít have to fill the bangle with Chamilia Beads for it to look great.

Chamilia beads are an ideal gift for somebody special. You can add to their existing collection or start them off with a bracelet or bangle and a selection of beads.

Reference: CITM46
Add to your Chamilia Bead collection when ever you want to treat yourself.

All you need to get started and design your first Chamilia Jewellery is a bracelet, a selection of beads, some locks and possibly some spacers. When you feel in the mood additional beads can be added to the collection for as little as £20 whilst spacers start at only £10.

Reference: CITM50
Design your own Bead Bracelet.

When you buy Chamilia, you become your own exclusive jewellery designer. Choose from the range of superb quality Chamilia Jewellery in silver, 14ct gold, Itilian Murano Glass or Swarovski Crystal to create a design to suits your mood.

Reference: CITM52
Jewellery with stunning Colours.

Chamilia Jewellery contains a range of beautiful beads with vibrant colours made of Swarovski crystal, Italian Murano glass and gemstones. For more on Beads and Chamilia please do go to the link bellow.

Reference: CITM53
Chamilia Bead Compatability

Other designer bead jewellery; such as Pandora, Love Links and Troll Beads are in general compatible with Chamilia. For further details please go to the link to Chamilia Beads bellow then Chamilia Bead Compatability which we think you will find helpfull.

Reference: CITM54
Chamilia - Be Unique -

Chamilia recognises the need for todayís woman to design her own jewellery that can be changed to fit her mood or occasion and offers something for all tastes: serious, pretty, loving and humorous; truly a design for every occasion.

Reference: CITM55
Chamilia & Disney

Chamilia have and exclusive range of Disney Beads both in Silver and 14ct Gold. They include not only Mickey Mouse but also Pooh, Tiger, Tinkerbell and many more. They look great when intermingled with coloured beads.

Reference: CITM73
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