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Jewellery valuations from A A Thornton, Kettering, Northants
We offer a wide range of valuation services the most common of which is Valuation for insurance.

At AA Thornton we recommend that you have your jewellery regularly valued for insurance purposes. This gives a value of the item should it need to be replaced.

Some underwriters suggest that an index linked increase is applied each year but do be careful as jewellery prices do not always follow these indexes. We would therefore recommend you have the valuation updated every four or five years. This will also give us the opportunity to recommend any repairs that may be required.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a loss then it is this valuation for insurance that you will use to justify a fair and realistic settlement from your underwriter. Do be careful when choosing an insurance policy as some insurers insist you get the replacement from their choice of supplier which may not be able to supply the items you want.

We deal with many insurance companies and should you experience a loss do come and talk about it regardless of whether we have previously undertaken a valuation. We will be happy to assist and may even be able to have the claim handled for you. When appropriate we will be delighted to help you find the right item to replace what you have lost.
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